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Selling vehicles has never been so easy and fast. Try it and see it for yourself!

Every day MASHINA.KG helps hundreds of car enthusiasts to buy vehicles, and sellers – to find buyers. We provide high-quality assistance in the sale of vehicles in Kyrgyzstan by publishing ads on our website and in our app.

Our goal is to save time of resource users and help buyers find best vehicles at the lowest prices. People willing to buy vehicles do not have to spent their time for trips to auto markets. The online auto market with the largest choice of vehicles is now at your home, on your computer and in your mobile telephone!

Our task is to provide buyers with as much information as possible to help them make the right choice. The site has the largest regularly updated database of private ads on the sale of vehicles.


  • - the greatest choice of vehicles in Kyrgyzstan;
  • - user-friendly interface and search which allows to find a suitable vehicle;
  • - free and convenient app for your telephone;
  • - detailed technical information, photos, prices for vehicles;

MASHINA.KG is one of the largest resources for the sale of used and new vehicles in Kyrgyzstan. Trying to help both buyers and sellers, we have developed a convenient and extensive resource in the form of an online message board and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Sale and purchase of a vehicle becomes easier with MASHINA.KG!

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Our office

Kyrgyz Republic 720004,
office 304, building 1A, Igemberdiev str., Bishkek city

Tel.: +996 (507) 22-33-22

email: info@mashina.kg